Chasing the Sun - Frances

Chasing the Sun is a story of betrayal and love, and the lingering question: What is right and what is wrong? The crocheted pants-suit and the story surrounding it was inspired by the song "Slow Sun" by The Maccabees.

Airwaves - Natalie

Airwaves is a crocheted evening gown and a crochet/chiffon mix. The story in this video is dealing with mental health issues and not feeling at ease or even at peace with one's own self. It is based on the song "Atmosphere" by Joy Division.


The crocheted dress #iamsomeone is facing the struggles of a young woman trying to find herself, surrounded by Social Media, suffocated through genderroles and gender expectations. It is inspired by the song "Strong" by London Grammar.

Le village Cruel (Cruel City)

Le village cruel is an hommage to the city of Nantes, dealing with the cruel loneliness of an expat in a strange city, trying to forget, trying to belong, trying to be free. With special thanks to Augustines (song: Cruel City)

Crowdfunding Video for the solo exhibition "Heroic Acts of Man - not here"

Six weeks funding time for my first big and self curated exhibition "Heroic Acts of Man - not here", presenting my first Crochet Couture Collection. This Crowdfunding Campaign was followed by a two week exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.