(Grew Up at Midnight)

This crocheted dress has been inspired by the song "Grew Up at Midnight" by The Maccabees, my time in France and my short obsession with the French revolution and Marie-Antoinette.


Model: Julia Fritsch

Make Up & Hair: Anke Leuwer

Photo: Detlef Nehls

Creative direction: Gloria Sophie Wille

... about "Grew Up at Midnight"


The slow beginning of the song and the big orchestral ending always reminded me of "running forward" and "change". Although the song more or less deals with two kids - well - "growing up at midnight", it always felt to me like a vast bulk of people running towards their new future. I saw in the slow beginning the young unhappy (then) Maria Antonia, having to grow up at the age of only 14. The orchestral ending marks the ending of "the old France" through the storming of the Bastille. ... and Marie-Antoinette solemnly awaiting her death. 


This is the story of the crocheted dress "Dauphine".


Song: The Maccabees - Grew Up at Midnight