The Gritterman's Wife (Joy)

December 23rd 1962.

I stood at a bus station when we first met. My hands were freezing. I couldn't light my cigarette - the wind kept blowing out my matches. *swoosh* *swoosh* Nothing. Suddenly someone stopped to hand me a lighter. "Thanks", I mumbled as I raised my gaze only to see a shivering man's face trying to find shelter in a collar of a coat that has been around longer than The Herald ... or so it seemed. "How stupid!", I thought "It's bloody cold outside and he's wearing neither gloves nor a scarf."

"You know... girls shouldn't smoke", he said.

"You know... boys shouldn't be stupid and yet here we are", I answered and demonstratively pulled my scarf  up to my nose. I felt the warm clamminess of my own breath on my face. He smiled. "The busses aren't running anymore, dear. The snow has clogged the streets. Do you want me to walk you home?"

"This is gonna be my last one!", I told him proudly and threw my fag into a shoveled pile of snow. He laughed. "What? I'm serious! I'm an honorable woman now and you're still stupid for not wearing a scarf!" Hah. For the next few decades he would come to see me oh so often quitting and failing.


We strolled along the dizzy streets of London town. He wasn't much of a talker. But in this dark cold December night I fell in love with the world he carried within.

I miss him, I miss my Gritterman.

The dress consists of four pieces: crocheted bodysuit (100% cotton), handknit skirt (100% merino wool) with crinoline (100% cotton), embroidered headpiece


Dress: Gloria Sophie Wille

Model: Annabelle Adamek

Make Up: Anke Leuwer

Photo: Detlef Nehls

Creative implementation & story: Gloria Sophie Wille


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The Gritterman's Wife (Joy) is a Crochet Couture Project inspired by the book "The Gritterman" by Orlando Weeks. Book first published by Particular Books

Audiobook available on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.